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Fall in love with Loving yourself

Love is in the air every where you look around. Like seriously it is everywhere, every time I blink I'm watching a wedding through my snap or someone just got engaged on Instagram.
Love is a beautiful thing. If you in a relationship or not LOVE is still the greatest feeling of all. Especially when the love is coming from within YOU!
As the weather turns chilly we may spend more time indoors ( I know I do) and less time in big crowds. I find that upcoming seasons are great times to spend time loving and taking care of  yourself. The summer months keep you busy so you may slack on giving your self some TLC. No fear I can share some the things I do to show my self some LOVE 💓

First things first I must tend to my skin. As chilly weather comes sliding through right behind it is my dry skin. I have to switch out my lotions like I switch my summer clothes out. I make myself face scrubs and stick to my all natural raw Shea butter. Always leave my skin feeling like butter!
Learning to en…
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Finding my Niche.

So I been blogging for a few months now and I still find myself a bit stuck. The question I keep asking myself is "What kind of blog do I have?"  Before I started blogging I would research all types type of blogs so I could put myself in the proper category. I quickly realize I have so many things I can and want to talk about.
During my research I came up with Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion blogger are many of the popular kinds I came across. Then you also have Mommy, cooking, video, and fitness. I scratched my head and wonder where I would fit.

I have even come across bloggers that wrote how important having a niche is. So here I am stressing myself thinking no ones going to like my blog if I don't identify myself.
So I narrowed it down to Lifestyle. I do talk about my life experiences, so why not it makes sense right. Taking a look at what lifestyle blogs are, they seem like more of how to blogs and give you a bunch of lists on living. Now I can do that, you know research…

Tis the season| Fall is upon us

Bye summer its been real But lets bring on fall. The chilly mornings, the leaves turning pretty colors and yes Pumpkin flavored everything. 
I know fall technically doesn't start until September 22 but come on folks after labor day we all know its pretty much a wrap. The summer heat is more sporadic then consistent. Its like sweater weather in the morning and then tank top time in the middle of the day. The midday heat wave is just a tease cause here comes the chills once lunch is over.
I personally love the fall. My reasons might be a bit selfish but understandable. My birthday month is in October *does cartwheel*. Yes my birthday is smack dab in the middle of fall and I love it. The weather is usually perfect enough for me to enjoy some outdoor activities. Last year I went horseback riding that was so much fun. This is year is still in the works but I will be sure to have a post on it.
So yes its ya girls birthday soon!!!
Now my next favorite things is Thanksgiving DUUHH!. If you do…

Loving My Crown

Since I was young my hair has always been my pride and joy. Even through my little tomboy phase my Iverson braids had to be on point. The Iverson braids were the thing to do and it wasn't complete unless you wore your jersey dress. I had to take it back real quick OH! the memories.

I believe as I got older my style has got a lot better. I went from blue hair to pink hair and I'll admit it wasn't the best of times but at the time it seem to fit. We all had our bad hair moments so don't judge me. Besides it was middle school so I should get a pass. Lets fast forward to 2017 where I'm making better hair decisions. My friends always say I never keep a style for too long but Hey I like to switch it up. When it comes to my hair I'm very impatient, as soon as I think of a new dew I need it done asap.
I know I'm not the only the girl that is obsessed with how her hair looks. A new hair style brings a new me each time its changed. My hair is the way I express myself. M…

Life with my blog: The Beginning

I haven't been blogging for too long actually its only been about a month. Even though its hasn't been too long a few things have changed in my daily routine. All good changes of course. I'm so happy that I took this chance and moved forward with my blog. 
I'm more organized

  Since I started the blog I now own a planner (shocked face). Never in my life did I really write things down. I always been pretty good at remembering when events were and just little things like what I did last Tuesday. That's not really the case so much with so much on my brain all the days are one blurred line. Between work, remembering events and knowing when and what I'm going to post it gets a little hectic. So thanks to one of my friends I have a nice simple cute planner that I carry every where with me. I also now own a cute notebook that fits perfectly in my purses, so when I have my light bulb moments i can write them down. 
I focus on all angles in pictures

Who else can call the…

Liebster Award & Nominations!!

Writing this post most definetly caught me by surprise........So excited!

First I just want to say how happy I am to be considered for such an award. This is truly amazing. I would like to thank MK Delacruz for the nomination, You can check out all her amazing stories right here You can also follow her on twitter @tattedmulan and instagram @dangerously_ambitous

Here are the rules

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated youAnswer the 11 questions the blogger gives youNominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the awardLet the bloggers know you nominated themGive them 11 questions of your own
OK! So here's the questions that were given to me.WHO'S READY!!
1. What was the most extreme thing you ever done?         I zip lined over a zoo in Virginia I think that's kind of extreme and it was extremely fun
2. What inspires you to blog?      I get inspired by the life I live its not all glitz and glam but it becomes great stories. …

Life: Enjoying The Unexpected

I'm sure we can all agree that Life never goes as planned. We all imagine the life we're going to have at a very young age and then we get older and its no so what we imagined. 
There was a time in my life that I swore up and down I would be married at twenty five and have kids. HA!!! Not quite how things turned out. By the time I was Twenty five I went through many heartbreaks and not one was marriage material. I would think to my self what am I doing wrong. I then I realized that there is nothing wrong with not being married with children.
I'm happy things don't always work out the way I plan. Some times the things we want are not exactly right for us. I'm a true believer in whats for me will come my way. Living with too many expectations you set yourself up for disappointment. 
Imagine if I did get the life I imagined. Would I truly have been happy? I experienced so much in my 27 years of life that I can't see life any other way. Things aren't perfect b…