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Liebster Award & Nominations!!

Writing this post most definetly caught me by surprise........So excited!

First I just want to say how happy I am to be considered for such an award. This is truly amazing. I would like to thank MK Delacruz for the nomination, You can check out all her amazing stories right here You can also follow her on twitter @tattedmulan and instagram @dangerously_ambitous

Here are the rules

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated youAnswer the 11 questions the blogger gives youNominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the awardLet the bloggers know you nominated themGive them 11 questions of your own
OK! So here's the questions that were given to me.WHO'S READY!!
1. What was the most extreme thing you ever done?         I zip lined over a zoo in Virginia I think that's kind of extreme and it was extremely fun
2. What inspires you to blog?      I get inspired by the life I live its not all glitz and glam but it becomes great stories. …
Recent posts

Life: Enjoying The Unexpected

I'm sure we can all agree that Life never goes as planned. We all imagine the life we're going to have at a very young age and then we get older and its no so what we imagined. 
There was a time in my life that I swore up and down I would be married at twenty five and have kids. HA!!! Not quite how things turned out. By the time I was Twenty five I went through many heartbreaks and not one was marriage material. I would think to my self what am I doing wrong. I then I realized that there is nothing wrong with not being married with children.
I'm happy things don't always work out the way I plan. Some times the things we want are not exactly right for us. I'm a true believer in whats for me will come my way. Living with too many expectations you set yourself up for disappointment. 
Imagine if I did get the life I imagined. Would I truly have been happy? I experienced so much in my 27 years of life that I can't see life any other way. Things aren't perfect b…

The Greatest Long distance Relationship: Mother and Daughter

In 2009 my mom went from Lil Rhode Island to Louisiana. That's exactly 1,536 miles from my current address and 22 hours & 32 minutes away. No matter the distance she still is there whenever I need her. Distance couldn't have made us any closer.

My mom truly is a rider If I'm sad she sad, if I'm happy shes too happy, and if I don't like you I'm sorry she doesn't like you either. Hey that's just how the cookie crumbles. If my mom doesn't have my side I don't know anyone that will. That's facts. On a good day she matches my fly (she being dressing old lady like sometimes LOL) and I match her goofy. 
Lets go best friend!! Yup that's my best friend and can't any one take her place. When we lived together the laughs were endless. We would just be cuddled up on the couch watching Americas next top model or some random movie. Great times with dinner and pjs. 
Now that shes there and I'm here I quickly had to adjust to not having my …

Living Life as a Twenty Something

Raise your hand if you couldn't wait to turn Twenty One!!!! That was me all day. I thoughteighteen was exciting but nope turning twenty one was the moment I was waiting for. All of a sudden in my mind I was too good for the all ages functions and was going to be able to sit at the bar. Yes because I'm a grown women.
Thetwenty somethings have been an enjoyable time for me. Being a teenager, you carefree for the most part and its is wonderful but being twenty something is where life truly begins. Going to bars and 21 and over events for the first time was a whole new element. I was so ready to take on this journey.
In my twenties travelling is at an all time high. I always been a traveler but I was always too young to do certain things when it was family trips. So imagine my excitement when I went to California for my Twenty first birthday. I was about sixteen the last time and wasn't able to go anywhere on my own, I needed one of my sisters or my dad to be present. From my…

Weekend Blues

Its Thursday and I'm excited that there is one more work day left. Well ideally that would be the case but I work on the weekends. The point is a Friday is a Friday regardless if I work or not that doesn't stop the party. 
Netflix and Chill  My Fridays usually consist of Netflix, a great dinner and Bae (when hes not working). I love being home, its cozy and I don't need pants makeup and I can wear my head scarf. My party days are sort of behind me. A few years ago my Thursday through Sunday consisted of drinks and a party with more drinks with very little planning. It took one phone call and all the girls was at one house getting ready and we was off. I must say times have definitely changed.  We are at the age where friends have kids and work really early shifts (me included). So planning a night out doesn't take just one phone call It takes a few texts, a glance at your calendar, and the debate you have with yourself about if you actually want to leave the house. Lea…

The Adult Life chose Me!

I remember when I was a little young thing and my parents would tell me don't rush to grow up? Well as much as I hate to admit it they was on to something. Adulting isn't what I imagined it to be. Like wait I have to pay bills and how do you shop for car insurance *scratches head*. I'm 27 years old and I'm still trying to figure out how to adult properly. The adult life just kind of came out of no where in 2014 I moved out on my own and I was very overjoyed. The feeling was amazing my own place *cues the no pants dance*. Friends would come visit and we would sip the wine that I bought in my very own wine glasses. Yup that's when I figured adulting was going to be great. Now that I have this nice cool apartment I need electricity OH!! How much does that cost and who do I call was my first questions. Along with getting electricity I needed cable, so that was another journey in itself. Then to watch t.v I needed a couch and an actual T.V each day my list of real resp…

When I stopped Dieting, I started Living

Diet A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

Now that we got one meaning of Diet lets get to it. Have you ever found yourself stressed out over something you wasn't suppose to eat? Well that was my life a few years ago. I tried so many different diets that it blew my mind. I was my own project that I needed to have finished by the end of the 30 days.    There are so many different diets to choose from no meat diets, no bad sugar, no carbs and the list go on.I typically would do no carbs or little to no carbs. So that means there goes my morning toast and can I only have a spoonful of rice. I do not know anyone who would possibly want to live that life.     The pressure of being on a diet can get very overwhelming. Many times you feel that your not doing it right because the results are not instant and give up. I have no idea how many times I would start from the beginning again. Then on the other hand not only a…