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Living Life as a Twenty Something

Raise your hand if you couldn't wait to turn Twenty One!!!! That was me all day. I thought eighteen was exciting but nope turning twenty one was the moment I was waiting for. All of a sudden in my mind I was too good for the all ages functions and was going to be able to sit at the bar. Yes because I'm a grown women.

The twenty somethings have been an enjoyable time for me. Being a teenager, you carefree for the most part and its is wonderful but being twenty something is where life truly begins. Going to bars and 21 and over events for the first time was a whole new element. I was so ready to take on this journey.

In my twenties travelling is at an all time high. I always been a traveler but I was always too young to do certain things when it was family trips. So imagine my excitement when I went to California for my Twenty first birthday. I was about sixteen the last time and wasn't able to go anywhere on my own, I needed one of my sisters or my dad to be present. From my first step in Lax I just knew I was now unstoppable. Free to go anywhere at any time.

Being twenty something is all fun and games until life got real real quick. I did some college and then I went school for medical assistant. I thought life was falling into place. Oh but now I have to get a job in the medical field, that wasn't easy like they said it would be. Being twenty something at this point was a drag. I started being torn between going out or saving because with no job you have nothing to spend. So I started getting little random jobs to support my habits of partying and shopping. Life was back on track and zoom I was off on another trip. Miami baby life was sweet again. That will be in another post because Miami was truly amazing.

Fast forward at Twenty five, the twenty somethings are slowly turning into the thirty somethings. At twenty five I imagined being married with kids and doing my dream job. Yeah because at fifteen twenty five just sounds like you going to have it all together SIKE!!! That could be the case for most but not for me. I have no kids yet and marriage is simply a conversation I have with friends. Life gets a little bit clearer I'm living on my own, purchased my own car and still traveling when I can. 

I learned in the twenties that its not just me going through things. Life is happening to everyone. Friends are coming and going, not on a bad note but sometimes you may out grow people. Some friends are starting families so they may not be able to call you every day and that is ok. Just pick up where we left off and smile. I also learned that there is nothing wrong with making new friends. New friends bring new adventures and I'm all for adventure.

Being twenty something you learn many things. Life doesn't always go as planned. I learned to just go with the flow. Enjoy it! Don't rush the twenties. If you want to go on that trip book it. You like that man say something its 2017 ladies we can go after what we like too. Heartbreaks will come but the healing process can be helped with wine. Wine is the answer to it all in your twenties. Do whatever makes your heart happy because no matter age I am its all about living and learning.

With a few more years left as a twenty something. I want to continue to work on becoming the best version of myself. The greatest journey being in my twenties I must say is starting this blog. That I hope people will enjoy. 

What have you experienced in your twenties? Share your stories in the comments I would love to hear it.

"Act as young as you feel,You're not getting older; You're getting more entitled to be your fabulous self"Gwen Stefani


  1. Definitely graduating college is a highlight of me being a twenty something!

    1. thats great thats always a great feeling

  2. Working my way through my last round of college! It's been an eye opening experience. Love this post!

    1. thank you so much and push through it will be over before you know it

  3. This was lovely to read.. Still waiting to graduate but so far I've just been trying to be as happy as I can be cause that's all that matters at the end of the day.


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