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The Greatest Long distance Relationship: Mother and Daughter

In 2009 my mom went from Lil Rhode Island to Louisiana. That's exactly 1,536 miles from my current address and 22 hours & 32 minutes away. No matter the distance she still is there whenever I need her. Distance couldn't have made us any closer.

Cheesecake factory mothers day forgot the year

My mom truly is a rider If I'm sad she sad, if I'm happy shes too happy, and if I don't like you I'm sorry she doesn't like you either. Hey that's just how the cookie crumbles. If my mom doesn't have my side I don't know anyone that will. That's facts. On a good day she matches my fly (she being dressing old lady like sometimes LOL) and I match her goofy. 

Lets go best friend!! Yup that's my best friend and can't any one take her place. When we lived together the laughs were endless. We would just be cuddled up on the couch watching Americas next top model or some random movie. Great times with dinner and pjs. 

Now that shes there and I'm here I quickly had to adjust to not having my own personal hairstylist. My mom owned her own hair store and salon, it was one of her many business ventures. That was the best thing for me, I pretty much change my hair every other day. Well I'm not that bad, that's just how other people see it. Besides doing my hair she would cook all my favorites. Lets just say I'm very blessed to have a mother like her.

Getting my single braids during one of her visits 

Granted now the only way to have those nights is for one of us to hop on a flight. That's not always the easiest thing to do but we make it work a few times a year. Every time we link up its like the distance doesn't even exist. We speak everyday so we never miss a beat. 

Through phone calls, pictures I send her, and the texts messages keep us closer then ever. Thanks technology. 

I cherish my mom and I already lost one parent can't imagine losing her too. They both mean everything to me. I know I said it already but she truly is my best friend.
Mother daughter tattoo she loves elephants

Comment if your mom is your bestfriend!!!

"Distance means nothing 
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  1. Thanks for sharing!! There is nothing like a mother-daughter bond that is blessed. What beautiful examples of women we have that we get to call Mom.💖


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