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Tis the season| Fall is upon us

Bye summer its been real But lets bring on fall. The chilly mornings, the leaves turning pretty colors and yes Pumpkin flavored everything. 

I know fall technically doesn't start until September 22 but come on folks after labor day we all know its pretty much a wrap. The summer heat is more sporadic then consistent. Its like sweater weather in the morning and then tank top time in the middle of the day. The midday heat wave is just a tease cause here comes the chills once lunch is over.

I personally love the fall. My reasons might be a bit selfish but understandable. My birthday month is in October *does cartwheel*. Yes my birthday is smack dab in the middle of fall and I love it. The weather is usually perfect enough for me to enjoy some outdoor activities. Last year I went horseback riding that was so much fun. This is year is still in the works but I will be sure to have a post on it.

So yes its ya girls birthday soon!!!

Now my next favorite things is Thanksgiving DUUHH!. If you don't get excited for thanksgiving you clearly from a different planet. I'm truly thankful for so much but most of all the food. I'm greedy I know I just love eating. I also enjoy Halloween. I'm too old for trick or treating and I don't have kids to go so I do have to buy my own candy. That's ok I just wait until the day after and its half price. All adults know that trick. I do however dress up occasionally for a get together that's always fun. Love seeing all the creative costumes.

Lastly Fall fashion. Boots, scarves, and sweaters. I always been about simplicity when it comes to my style of dress. Fall fashion allows me to experiment just a tad bit more. Its all about the colors and layers.Well at least in my little fashion bubble. I never been a big sneaker person I always was a lover of boots. I just love how they look and can be worn with almost anything depending on the style. Don't even get me started on sweaters.They come in all types. My favorite is a nice oversize sweater, they are just so cozy. 

Overall fall is the season for me. 


  1. Love your thoughts about Fall! Especially when you said it allows you to experiment with your fashion choices. :)

  2. Aw loved this so much, reading has made me feel so autumnal! I'm so excited to dress up this year and Happy early Birthday haha! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I have a little Chip cup giveaway and following back on bloglovin!)


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